Welcome to The Savage Frontier!

You have escaped Ignorance and have landed in..The Savage Frontier We are The Savage Frontier, a Philadelphia-based Diversi-Dial (station number #28)! Since 1985! This station has gone through several names, including PhillyChat, Electronic Cafe, and Silent Planet. Our Internet presence went online in February of 2008.

We are being hosted on a brand new server thanks to ndf and a donation of rackspace. So watch our dust! Massive website changes to come. (last modified May 28th 2009)

Chat Time

Come visit a rousing talk at 9PM EST every night! Of course, you're welcome to visit at any time :)


Join us now! telnet thesavagefrontier.com!

EXPERIENCE IT FULLY! via NEW JAVA DDIAL CLIENT!  read java dial caveats here

Apple II Commodore 64
Apple II skin
C64 skin